What makes Bear's Breath different than regular ketchup?

We think that most ketchup is sweet. So we wanted to make a low-sugar ketchup alternative using all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or colorants. But what makes Bear's Breath special is it's one of a kind, savory taste.  

Is Bear's Breath really spicy?

 "Spicy" is a bit subjective, but most people tell us that its 2 out of 5 stars on the heat scale. We also find that many people enjoy the rich, savory flavor profile of Bear's Breath and it's slightly spicy finish. 

Is Bear's Breath vegetarian?

Not yet. We use a chicken broth to give Bear's Breath it's unique, savory flavor. In our development process, we tried hundreds of variations without chicken stock, and our results just didn't meet our high expectations. While we haven't been able to go vegetarian yet, we're not giving up either... So stay tuned. 

Where can I find some Bear's Breath near me?

Bear's Breath is sold at many Seattle Area Farmer's Markets, numerous retail locations and of course, available online.  We're doing our part to meet demand, and encourage you to ask your neighborhood grocer about carrying Bear's Breath.


I would like sell Bear's Breath, who can I talk to?

We welcome new sales inquiries for the US and Canada. 

Does it really have a secret ingredient in it?

We do have ingredients. We do have secrets. We also happen to have friends who are bears.

How you connect those dots is entirely up to you and your imagination.