We asked a simple question: 

"Does ketchup have to be boring?"

Bear's Breath is the bold answer. 

Bear’s Breath Ketchup was created as a daring answer to a simple question; “Does ketchup have to be boring!?”. Along the way we answered other questions such as “Why is ketchup made with so much sugar and preservatives?”. Before your eyes is a unique low-sugar ketchup alternative made with natural ingredients and a savory flavor profile featuring a subtle, spicy finish that will have you terrorizing breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Bear's Breath Ketchup is great for classic foods like a burger and fries or your favorite morning scramble. But what sets Bear's Breath apart is when it's used to light up a yummy plate of nachos or even as a salad dressing alternative for you truly dangerous types. 


Bear's Breath is made with Fresh Tomatoes, Chicken Broth, Chipotle Peppers, Garlic, Jalapeños, Roasted Green Chiles and Bear Slobber. 


Our favorite Bear's Breath Food Pairings

Bear Appétit!


Bear's Breath is a tasty ketchup alternative that happens to taste great on a number of things that most people wouldn't dare putting ketchup on. But these bear's are bold! 


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Embrace natural selection.